What Now?

Congratulations! You’ve officially completed the first steps on your way to running a successful race – whether it be finishing one or just setting a new PR.

Now what?

Well, now comes the tricky part. Unless you’re some sort of super human (which I’m convinced some elite runners are) training is ROUGH! Good news though folks – here are some key ways to make the journey to reaching your goals easier:

1. BUDDY UP – One of the best ways to stick to your running program (unless you’re a complete lone wolf or a hermit) is accountability. Having a partner in crime will keep you on track and make the process more fun. So find that a sucker, er, friend, who will log those miles with you and stay by your side to the end.

2. REST – Don’t, don’t, don’t forget to rest. It is vital both to keeping you healthy and strong and prevent you from burning out.

3. STRENGTH TRAINING – Get ready to pump some iron! Training with weights – especially focusing on your core muscles – will help you become stronger and keep you less prone to injury. Pilates is also great way to build a strong core and my favorite way to build up my abs and back.  I took a fabulous running & Pilates class that taught me a lot about how much Pilates goes hand-in-hand with running – thanks Beth!

4. STRETCHING IT OUT – Another great way to keep from injuring yourself is stretching. Yoga is the balance and flexibility partner to the core strengthening Pilates. Check out the article on Flexibility from the Runner’s World website.

Keep on running! 🙂

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